Webcast 152: 26/10/01: with topic "lines in black&white"


Webcast 129:17.1.01 jam session together with inkwell conference"
Webcast 130: 24/1/01 jam session together with inkwell conference"
Webcast 131: 01/02/01 topic: "24/7". linked to inkwell conference"
Webcast 132: 12/02/01 "jam session (top secret) with inkwell conference"
Webcast 133: 20/02/01 STR in conversation with Achim Szepanski & Jon Berry of Force Inc. Music Works.
topic: "Neu(t)ronenhouse"
content: Clicks + Cuts 2. The Vanishing Author? Or back to the Original?
Elektronik + Pop/Neu(t)ronenhouse.
Webcast 134: 26/02/01 STR in conversation with Dr. Udo Kornmeier, lawyer for music,copyright and media.
content: author´s rights & ownership online
Webcast 135: 7/03/01 STR: body series "lips"
Webcast 136: 23/03/01 STR: free form jam session "leitmotif"
Webcast 137: live at t.u.b.e
Webcast 138: live at t.u.b.e, munich, simultaneous broadcast by bayrischer rundfunk
Webcast 139: 27.4/ß1.: 15-15:30 : opening of Webcast Lounge & art frankfurt.
Station Rose STReams their lecture to the congress at EMAF.
18-21h: Station Rose live performance -opening of
Webcast 140: 28.4/ß1. 15-17h: ParaRadio, Budapest/Ungarn, Livestream at
18-20h: badpacket, Toronto/Kanada, Livestream at
Webcast 141: 29.4/ß1.: 16-17h: Brooke A. Knight, University of Maine/USA,
Livestream at
18-20h: 0100101110101101.ORG,
Webcast 142: 30.4/ß1.:30.4.: 15-20h: artcart, Livestream at
Webcast 143: 1.5/ß1
: 16-17h:, Livestream at rtsp://
end of of Webcast Lounge.
Webcast 144 : 11/7/01: STReaming a live jam session once more to your harddrives.
topic: special audio-visual birthday session.
content: 10 years online -und das ist gut so.
feelings observed: exciting.
advice 01: great in that little STReaming window. but if you blow it up full screen, it looks even bigger.
Webcast 145 : 20/7/01:
Webcast 146 : 26/7/01:
Webcast 147 : 07/08/01: with topic "TV Rex".
Webcast 148 : 25/8/01: together with borderhack 2.0
Webcast 149 : 4/10/01: with topic "WYSIWYG"
Webcast 150 : 26/10/01: with topic "STR live at Styrian Autumn, Graz"
Webcast 151 : 14/11/01: with topic ""Rheingau". content: NiC/ Nature is Cool_NetSTReam"



Webcast No.93 :
3-2-00: start up sequence for the new year/millenium on the
station rose´s own GUNAFA SERVER, installed in 1/2000.
Webcast No.94 : 24-2-00: <programm change 1> new multimedia composition/jam session.
Webcast No.95 : 25-2-00: <programm change 2> multimedia composition/jam session,
Webcast No.96 : 2-3-00: <open space01> a bigger perspective01 of the webcaststudio
Webcast No.97 : 3-3-00: <open space02> a bigger perspective02 of the webcaststudio
Webcast No.98 : 9-3-00: <open space03> a bigger perspective03 of the webcaststudio
Webcast No.99 :10-3-00: Station Rose in conversation with Tom Noeding/
        After a short pause with(out) studio guests, we are right back with a new conversation. Our guest was Tom Noeding, the initiator of the Frankfurt based egroup TRESURBAIN.
    "Webcast forever - Build poetical hedges against digital tyranny" Geert Lovink.
Webcast No.101 :17-3-00: open space ambient version.
Webcast no.102: 24.3.00, 9pmCET: STR in conversation with Bazon Brock
- during art frankfurt -
Webcast 103: 27.4.00: "Nature is Cool" with <real> scenes from the austrian alps, mount Falkenstein and more.
Webcast 104: 28.4.00: "Nature is Cool" remixing 103 into <virtual> scenes.
Webcast 105: 4.5.00: Station Rose in conversation with Josephine Bosma (recorded at innsbruck, tyrol in april)
Webcast 106: 11.5.00:
free form multimedia jam session.
playing around with Beat Breaker & other guys.
Webcast 107:12.5.00: free form multimedia jam session.
playing around with Sinebeats & other guys.
Webcast 108, WED/31.5.00: Live Multimedia Jam Session "morphing around
            the topic: AU CIEL" .
SUMMER SLAM : Young Austrian Media Theory - Station Rose vs Thomas Feuerstein vs Stefan Weber:
Webcast 109, THU/8.6.00: STR in conversation with Dr.Stefan Weber: (The) Beyond (of) Constructivism: Radical constructivism
Webcast 110, FRI/8.6.00: STR in conversation with Dr.Thomas Feuerstein: "SAMPLEMINDS - Instant-Time & Instant-Space as status quo of Steady State. About attractive attractors & atavistic Avatars."
Webcast 111, THU/15.6.00: free form summer jam_1. after the summer slam -
        - SOUNDZ & VISUALS rule!
Webcast 112, FRI/16.6.00: free form summer jam_2
Webcast 113, FRI/29.6.00: * Die Anti-Stoerung. (anti-distortion)
A focal point in the visual art of Station Rose 2000. We develop that right now. When a few years ago our videos were distorted, we got in trouble. The artscene didnt like that at all. But as you know, distortion arrived at TV-commercials as a chic element for advertisers (to demonstrate they know what is hip ;-). So forget distortion.
* Performance - always a Schwerpunkt including "Posing in Cyberspace".
great in that little streaming window. Blow it up full screen, and it looks even better & bigger.
* No Fucking Games - we are not gamblers & not brokers either.
* Francoise Hardy & Jacques Dutronc - the brandnew single called "puisque vouz partez en voyage". Brought from a short trip over the borders to France, one of the most beautiful areas in Europe, and just 2 hours away from Frankfurt.
* as we are getting deeper & deeper in the production of our new book, chansons are a good relaxation in contrast to the ascii text world.
Webcast 114, FRI/6.7.00: indoor= outdoor.
    before we really set the controls for summer-pause-mode, we will stream one more live jam session to your very harddrives tonite.
    great in that little streaming window. Blow it up full screen, and it looks bigger.
Webcast 115, THU/20.7.00: STR in conversation with Klaus Walter.
topic: "all is Pop & Pop is nothing".plus KUNSTFORUM International vol. 151 out.:
Abstract on "Cyberspace, Echtzeit -20 seconds & Webcasting" by Elisa Rose and Gary Danner, incl. illustrations and stills from installations, performances and art production.
In there you find a long text around realtime written exclusively for the leading german art magazine.
Read about:
- dislocation is cool.
- das agieren vor und hinter den cameras.
- wiederholung a la teletubbies.
- testphasen fuer webcasts gibt es nicht.
- das auf+zumachen von info-fluss.
- exhibitionismus im cyberspace.
- digitale ornamentik.
- es muss flackern."
Webcast 116, FRI/28.7.00:
topic: NOTHING
in conversation with : nobody
activities: none
plan: null
styling: no idea
outdoor: no plans
weather forcast: no
content: NOTHING------Station Rose LIVE in the Net:doing nothing for 1 hour.
Webcast 117, FRI/11.8.00: topic: flat fRee
Webcast 118, THU/17.8.00: topic: "Au Ciel" popkomm online rehearsal
Webcast 119, FRI/28.8.00: topic: "Uniti nella vita e nell´arte"
Webcast 120, FRI/1.9.00 : topic: "online rehearsal for rhiz"
Webcast 121, THU/14.9.00 : topic: free form jam session.
Webcast 122, THU/21.9.00 : topic: "amiga art remixed in realtime"
Webcast124 :19.10.00
Webcast125 : SAT/28.10.00 "Live-Performance" at VIPER festival
Webcast126:: MON/10.11.00 "S.M.i.L.E with your eyes only" (remix of egyptian slogan from 88)
          content: Elisa Rose posing.
Webcast127:: MON/24.11.00 : free form jam session
Webcast 128: MON/4.12.00 topic: "10 green dots". STReaming a realtime rehearsal for San Francisco from e-home"

_______________1 9 9 9

start up STReam: 14.1.1999


Webcast beta01 : 14.1.99 /frankfurt STR-headquarter. Start Up Sequence.
Webcast No.1-6 :22.-29.1 / from Berlin, as part of the exhibition
Webcast No.5: 28.1. STR in conversation with Christoph Tannert
Webcast No.7-18: 3.-18.2/ from Frankfurt to crossLinks & the net.
Webcast No.13: 11.2./ STR im Gespraech with Petra Klaus/Radio X & Hans Romanov/
        Ostklub/Rotari. topic: "Underground"
Webcast No.15: 13.2./ Nature is Cool Edition
Webcast No.18: 18.2/ from Frankfurt to crossLinks-finissage
Webcast No.19: 21.2/ STR im Gespraech with Stefan Beck & anonymous japanese friend
Webcast No.19-38:live @ home
Webcast No.20 : 25.2/ out of the Digital_Archive : CAIRO 1
Webcast No.21 : 26.2/ out of the Digital_Archive : CAIRO 2
Webcast No.22 : 28.2/ lazy sunday edition
Webcast No.25 : 7.3/ multimedia jam session for amsterdam/n5m3 festival
Webcast No.26 : 18.3/ new composition "kinker" live, after n5m3
Webcast No.27 : 19.3/ discussion about "n5m3", with Petra Klaus.
Webcast No.28 : 21.3/ Nature is Cool - Spring Equinox Edition
Webcast No.29 : 25.3/ Nature is Cool - Spring 2
Webcast No.30 : 26.3/ multimedia jam session
Webcast No.31 : 28.3/ "stop the war"
Webcast No.33 : 8.4/ webcast marathon No1
Webcast No.34 : 9.4/ tape update of STR im Gespraech with Geert Lovink
Webcast No.35 : 11.4/ PUBLIC BRAIN SESSION 01
Webcast No.39/40 at rotari club - Rundgang, Art Frankfurt
        24.4/ Clubbing, 25.4/ Installation & jam session live
Webcast No.41 : 29.4/ task: is it possible to set up the webcast studio 20min before
        the show starts. positive.
Webcast Station Rose Press-Conference live: 4.5/at Rotari
Webcast No.42-46 : 30.4-9.5/ MIDI-jam sessions live @ home, preparing for GC_II
Webcast No.47: 12.5/ Gunafa Clubbing II, live at SpacePlace, 10pm-6am, Marathon 2,
        with DJ aNDreas baumecker
Webcast No.50 : 27.5/ best of live STR-Performance in Bordeaux/France, with
        videorecording by "un autre regard"
Webcast No.51 : 28.5/ direction Full Moon, Marathon 3
Webcast No.52 : 30.5/ Beams for Terence McKenna (2 sessions), 9 & 11pm
Webcast No.54 : 10.6/ start up sequence INDOOR=OUTDOOR. STR als Gaertner.
Webcast No.55 : 11.6/ INDOOR=OUTDOOR 2. nature is cool.
Webcast No.56 : 17.6/ composing "G2" during the webcast.
Webcast No.57 : 18.6/ STR im Gespraech with Bodo Hahn/SpacePlace.
        topic:"Club Culture spring/summer99"
Webcast No.58 : 24.6/ MIDI-reherseal for GC II
Webcast No.59 : 24.6/ Gunafa Clubbing II at Spaceplace, with aNDreas baumecker,
        online 12pm-5am Marathon 4
Webcast No.60 : 1-7-99/ im Gespraech with Dr. Birgit Richard, University of Frankfurt
Webcast No.61 : 2-7-99/ ...with guest Petra Klaus/ RadioX, Indian Vibes, Frankfurt
________________________summer pause_____________________________
Webcast No.62 : 22-7-99/ indoor=outdoor
Webcast No.63 : 29-7-99/ STR im Gespraech mit Roland Pfau, Linguist.
Webcast No.64 : 30-7-99 indoor=outdoor
Webcast No.65: 5-8-99/ indoor=outdoor free form multimedia session.
Webcast No.66: 6-8-99/ indoor=outdoor plus special guest: DJ aNDreas baumecker
        (HD 800, Robert Johnson, Gunafa Clubbing)
Webcast No.67 : 12-8-99 indoor=outdoor <eclipse> free form multimedia session.
Webcast No.68 : 19-8-99 indoor=outdoor
________________________end of LEVEL_8: indoor=outdoor.____________
Webcast No.69 : 2-9-99 STR in conversation with Fahrradhalle_Sebastian Schirmer &
        Alexander von Zaluskowski: Kunst im Team (art and teamwork) Fahrradhalle website.
Webcast No.70 : 3-9-99. free form multimedia session_XL. new composition online "It´s
        not there".
Webcast No.71 : 16-9-99 live @home including a reflection on this year´s Ars it really was plus finally free form session, new composition online "haargenau".
Webcast No.72 : 17-9-99 free form multimedia session incl. <bordeaux-live>.
Webcast No.73 : 23-9-99 free form celebration of the autumnal equinox, multimedia
        session, same day & same night.equal RL & cyberspace.
Webcast No.74 : 24-9-99 free form multimedia session betatesting the forthcoming tour.
Webcast No.75 : 24-9-99 the easy rehearsal <playing now>
Webcast No.76 : 1-10-99 the ultimate rehearsal in cyberspace 1day before the 1st gig
__________________beginning of LEVEL_9: <playing now tour>________
Webcast No.77 : 5-10-99 free form multimedia session after the 1st gig on <playing now
        world tour> in hamburg, earthdance festival.
Webcast No.78 : 14-10-99 free form <playing now> session, after the vienna gig in
        <galerie trabant> and frankfurt gig in U60311 bar.
Webcast No.79 : 15-10-99 free form multimedia session plus feedback from the tour so
Webcast No.80 : 21-10-99 will be free form multimedia sessions around
        <playing now> world tour.
Webcast No.81 : 22-10-99 will be free form multimedia sessions around
        <playing now> world tour.
Webcast No.82 : 30-10-99 at Viper Festival, lucerne
Webcast No.83 : 11-11-99 <playing now> tour report: video footage from Berlin,
        Frankfurt, Vienna & Lucerne.
Webcast No.84 : 12-11-99 <playing now> tour report:
Webcast No.85 : 18-11-99 . best of transmediale <playing now tour> stop berlin,
        plus STR in concersation with Micky Kwella, director. plus video footage from Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna & Lucerne.
Webcast No.86 : 19-11-99. jam session with Dj Anferad Baumecker.
Webcast No.87 : 25-11-99. free form multimedia jam session
Webcast No.88 : 12-11-99. best of live@home, recorded for netradio days´99, zkm
Webcast No.89 : 3-12-99 : free form session & rehearsal for performance at ultraschall, munich
Webcast No.90 : 9-12-99 : freeform hypermedia jamsession incl.cry baby & boss VT-1 .
Webcast No.91 : 10-12-99 : freeform hypermedia jamsession incl. firewire, cry baby & boss VT-1. SPECIAL LOOP-EDITION.
Webcast No.92 : 17-12-99 free jam rehearsal for PARIS.